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Our League

The App for recreational football.

Opt in & out of games. Artificial intelligence team selection. MVP voting. Player stats and full league table.

Our League's Story

We liked to regularly play football. We, unfortunately, couldn't always play every game. Our teams were always different. Picking teams was difficult We talked about our games. We speculated who was the best, who would be first choice in our team and who had scored the most.

Our League helps you manage your football group. Players sign up to matches and then our AI team pick can choose the sides. If you don't like them, you can change them. After the game, just enter who scored the goals and your players can vote for the most valuable player (MVP) in the game.

Get your own league table of players to give plenty of opportunity for debate and banter!

How Our League Works


Create your league

Give your league a name along with the names of your teams.

Add your players

Enter the names of all the players who you play with.


Create your first match

Set the date and then select who is playing (or players can mark themselves IN if they also use the App). Our League can use AI to pick balanced teams using previous result data. Then at the end of the game, just enter who scored and how many.

View your league

After just one match you have a league table. The more games you play, the more interesting the stats.

Everyone in your group can see. Have data to back up your banter!


Stats Galore

Every player can now be Statto with access to detailed data for everyone.

Get the App

iOS - iPhone & iPad

Android - Phones and Tablets


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