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Welcome to Our League, the ultimate app for casual football groups! With our app, organizing and coordinating matches with your friends has never been easier. Whether you're a seasoned football pro or just looking to kick a ball around with your friends, Our League is the perfect app for you.

With Our League, you can easily schedule matches for your group, and matches can be created automatically. Players can mark themselves as in or out, there's no uncertainty as to who can and can't play.

Our app also helps you keep track of all your gear - you'll always know who has the kit and balls. Plus, our AI team selector picks balanced teams for matches based on previous performance, so every game is fair and fun.

You can easily record goals, assists, and more. After the match, everyone can vote for their player of the match, and you'll get a league table of all your players. And for the stat enthusiasts, our app offers an overload of stats and charts - more than you can possibly imagine!

And the best part? Our League is completely free! You can manage your group using our apps on iPhone, Android, and web, and there's nothing to pay. Download today and start playing football like never before!


Match Scheduling.png

Schedule Matches

Matches can be automatically created for your schedule.

AI Team Selector.png

AI Team Selector

Pick balanced teams for matches based on previous performance.

League Table.png

Player League Table

Get a league table of all your players.

Players In Out.png

Players mark IN or OUT

No uncertainty as to who can or can't play.

Goals Assists.png

Track Goals & Assists

Record your match results quickly and easily.

Stats Charts.png

Stats & Charts

Overload on stats and charts

Kit Balls.png

Kit & Ball Tracking

Know who has all your gear so you never forget.


Player of the Match Voting

Everyone who plays can vote for their player of the match.



Yes, completely free. Nothing to pay.

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iOS - iPhone & iPad


Android - Phones & Tablets



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