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Our League - The complete App for football groups

Our League was originally created to have some stats for some bragging rights after a game. We always had different teams so it was hard to tell who was performing the best!

We did have other challenges too running the group. The new version of Our League solves all these issues by giving all players features within the App. Find out about the features that make Our League the complete App for football groups.

Who's playing?

Our WhatsApp group was a series of "in", "out", "50/50", "depends if the other half is back in time". We'd try and keep track of numbers to make sure we had enough and ideally, even numbers.

Now everyone can flag themselves in or out through Our League. We can keep track of numbers and be ready to pick teams.

Team Selection

We often had lively discussions as to if our teams were balanced. Now once we have confirmed players we just tap an icon and Our League will use artificial intelligence to pick balanced teams. You can always change them if you're not happy with the selection

Paying for Games

In our group everyone pays £5 whenever they play. We used to try and collect this from everyone. Often people would forget or not have the right money. We would then forget to get the money the next time. Sometimes it would be difficult to cover the pitch hire costs.

Our League can automatically record whenever someone plays how much they now owe. You can then mark them off when they do play. Now the games are fully funded and leaves left overs for a night out!

Most Valuable Player (MVP) Voting

Some groups vote at the end of the match for their MVP. This isn't always easy to do and it certainly isn't anonymous.

With Our League at the end of a match, it will prompt everyone who played to pick their MVP. After 24 hours the result is announced. You can't vote for yourself, unfortunately.

Player Stats

Of course, all the stats that were always present in Our League are still there. We have also added some new MVP stats!

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