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Stat of the Week - Team Goals Conceded / Game

Whilst awaiting the approval from Apple for Our League to go live on the App Store it is the perfect time to launch our new feature, “Stat of the Week”. Each week we’ll be looking at a stat and explaining what it means, and why it is useful. We will also post some screenshots from a real football group to use as examples. We have obscured the actual names to protect the innocent!

As goal scorers get plenty of attention we’ve decided to look at a defensive stat, Team Goals Conceded / Game.

How this works is adding up the number of goals the teams you have played on have let in and dividing by the number of games. As an example if you have played two games and won the first 5-3 and lost the other 6-4 then your total goals conceded is 9 (3 + 6). As you have played two games this averages to 4.50 goals per game.

This statistic rewards those players who are defensively strong. They might not score many goals but they make sure that they don’t let many in.

In the example we have here the “top” of the leaderboard (they let the most goals in) is ARG with an average of 7.20, but only over 5 games. There are several other players who have similar stats but it can be mean to judge them over just a few games. However, in 5th place is WP who over 19 games averages 6.58 who unfortunately in our eyes has the worst defensive record.

At the “bottom” end of the scale are those who have conceded the fewest. Looking at the list here there are 3 players with over 30 games each. The winner by a long way though is MH who averages half a goal fewer conceded than any other player with a reasonable number of games. This stat matches the reality – MH is a very tenacious defender who does not give many chances away.

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